Lets start a religion so we can get more freedom


see lesson one smoke weed every day ;) everything in moderation; including a little exes don't let others influence you thoughts too much (be carefully who you give your attention to) don't be shitty; do good; forgive; share;

end scarcity throu effective altruism; bud just fix yourself. yolo then what.

calm down

ask and you shall receive -> do and it will be done.

A book from stoicism: dont complain; The human mind does not comprehend the negative if you think of something it exists

don't forget to smile; because of the above we must internally frame our view of the world in a positive light

enemies become friends; death become life; failure becomes success; pain becomes gain;

trust everyone and no one; the world is shitty but we reject your reality and substitute our own the world is beautiful.

no = know