To sote one type of data in another type of data


pixalated image data an height by width image usualy orgined in the top left note we need a unaversal projection good for all worlds ;) (yo its called reprojection ;)


everything a vector even a raster but a rastor is a vecter of vecters.

lol arrays of ones and zerors in the perfect order to comunicate data

ill coin the term 'ideal vector' parhaps that is what aes-gcm iv stands for

Ok lets go shit on some sintific papaers

Abstract This article is devoted to the study of the improved neighbor mean interpolation (INMI) steganographic method. To date, no steganalysis of such a method of information embedding has been carried out. We implemented the INMI method of embedding messages in raster files and conducted a stegoanalysis on a set of 800 images of 225 × 225 size. Experimentally, we found that with this embedding method, the maximum container capacity is 21% and that it depends on the contents of the container. It is established that only 60 files out of 800 actually have the maximum capacity. We presented the calculation of the Type I error and the percentage of information detection in the obtained containers by the regular–singular (RS) method. The results showed that the considered steganographic algorithm is resistant to RS steganalysis and is comparable to the stegosystem of the permutation method investigated in one of our previous articles. Keywords: LSB steganography; interpolation; secret message; RS analyze; image

www.mdpi dot com/2313-433X/8/10/288.