SGOL Lesson one

What is the meaning to life the universe and everything. 42

0 Meaning

We have to start somewhere in any journey what better place then nothing 0 signifies emptiness it is from which we all were bore and to where we all go some notable properties of 0 arr:

1 Fire

You may know this by many names but from the dawn of the sun there was light giving life to all We notice this in all creation myths, ra the sun god, genesis let there be light for more see

2 Truth (1+1)

In the chaos of fire we create, a duality of good and evil. the result is always truth.

3 Love (1+2)

I Love You

4 Shared (1+3)

once you have love you need to share it.

5 Business? we need a better expression Trust + Honor

6 Emotion/ Passion

7 Wisdom

8 Authority/Courage

9 Life Path

... do the math but as a final though. While the west strives towards the bibles word and capitalist systems and the east strive towards spirituality and there are many defining myths saying how you should live your life there is no right path but all paths lead somewhere choose love,, from dust to dust from ash to ash we all share the goal of life, to strive away from nothingness to the vast possibility of the universe. Through cooperation love all beings may find that there is a greater purpose if you release yourself from the constraints and unleash the good within. There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way once you find it. Find the middle way.