Hello I have an nice phone

ULEFONE Power Armor 13

Good specs etc


Recently iv had some problems with it and the os has been corupted. I blame spyware

I am about to recover my photos off of this device and then root it with a stock ish android

Im a noob at android development/hacking so would like to document my learning joruny for you

First install adb Getting ADB (Android Debug Bridge) working on linux can be a bit harder than on other operating systems. This guide aims to help with that.


1. Install the adb package

Just use your package manager

sudo apt install adb
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

2. Add yourself to the plugdev group

sudo groupadd plugdev
sudo usermod -a -G plugdev $USER

Then reboot

3. Enable Usb debugging on your device


4. Connect to your device

to enter chineis menu hold power and vol down when you see the screen relaeas volum down and then power



fastboot devices ; # ensure we are conected
fastboot getvar all ; # dump bootvars 
 1544  cd S7S68B7.GQU.Ulefone.HB.HJ.VKPMXY8AE.20220413.V3.03/
 1545  ls
 1546  fastboot flash super super.img 
 1547  fastboot getvar all
 1548  ls
 1549  fastboot reboot
 1550  ls
 1551  fastboot boot
 1552  fastboot reboot
 1553  fastboot devices
 1554  ls
 1555  fastboot flash recovery ../boot_TWRP_220321_magisk_v24300.img 
 1556  fastboot flash boot boot.img 
 1557  fastboot flash logo logo-verified.bin 
 1558  fastboot flash cam_vpu1 cam_vpu1-verified.img 
 1559  fastboot flash cam_vpu2 cam_vpu2-verified.img 
 1560  fastboot flash cam_vpu3 cam_vpu3-verified.img 
 1561  fastboot flash dtbo dtbo-verified.img 
 1562  fastboot flash gz gz-verified.img 
 1563  fastboot flash lk lk-verified.img 
 1564  fastboot flash md1img md1img-verified.img 
 1565  fastboot flash scp scp-verified.img 
 1566  fastboot flash spmfw spmfw-verified.img 
 1567  fastboot flash sspm sspm-verified.img 
 1568  fastboot flash tee tee-verified.img 
 1569  fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img 
 1570  fastboot flash vbmeta_system vbmeta_system.img 
 1571  fastboot flash vbmeta_vendor vbmeta_vendor.img 
 1572  fastboot flash userdata userdata.img 
 1573  fastboot flash super super.img 
 1574  fastboot reboot